1. Who can post advert on Vend Plus?

Every registered user who have a genuine products or services to render.

2. How can i start posting Ads?

Create an account (it takes less than 2 Mins), Update your
Profile and Submit an Adverts.

3. Can i post an Advert to buy a product?

Yes, you can Submit an Advert to Buy, Sell, Auction, Exchange,
Gift, place a Job Offer and Job Wanted; You will be able to select what type of
Ads you want to post.

4. Can i include a video in my Ads?

Yes, you can include your Video link to your Ads.

5. How long does it take for my Ads to be approved?

Immediately, All Ads are approved automatically aside from those with negative words.

6. What are the benefits of posting Ads on Vend Plus?

* You get customers in a short time.

* Your brand get noticed and promoted on the internet.

* Your business thrive (appears on Goggle) with the help of SEO among many other benefits.

7. My preferred categories are not included.

Fill the form at Contact Us page and include the categories in the message, we will update the category list in no time and get back to you.

8. How much will it cost me to post an Ad on Vend Plus?

No Cost, posting of Ads is absolutely free on Vend Plus but you can donate to support us. We will appreciate your generous donations!

9. Can I recommend Vend Plus to my family and friends?

Yes, Do well to recommend Vend Plus to all business men and women in your sphere.

10. How many Ads can i post?

As much as you wish, there is no limit to the number of Ads you can post.

11. Can I re-post my Ads after it expires?

Yes, you can always re-post your recurring Ads.

12. What is an Auction Ad?

An auction ad is an ad where the seller set a starting price and the interested buyers bid for the product, the next customers increase the amount till the seller deem it fit to auction the product to the last bidder.

13. What is An Exchange Ad?

This is an occasion where someone post an ad to exchange a product for another product, the seller and buyer agree on the modality of the exchange.

14. Who can comment on my Ad?

All registered members on Vend Plus can comment on your Ads and message you directly.

15. How soon will an Ad Author get my message?

As soon as they are online.

16. Can i send money to an Ad Author ahead?

You can send money to an Ad Author ahead if you are convince that He/She is genuine but be sure you do so at your own risk

17. Can i use different Phone No on different Ads?

Yes, you can use different Phone No and Address for your different Ads. 

18. Can i rate an Ad Author?

Yes, please consider rating an Ad author you patronize so that other users can make a guided decision.

19. Can i share my Ads on my Social Media?

Yes, you can share your Ads across all social media after submitting the Ads, you see the share icons. 

20. How much can i Donate?

Any amount, there is no restriction or limit.